Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (PDMS)


PDMS – Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies Programme

This Programme is aimed at executives, business practitioners with adequate work experience in a position of responsibility for career development and personal advancement as well as the opportunity to further continue their studies and gain an EMBA or MBA master degrees.

The Programme is completely delivered online, wherein the student receives continuous support and enhance the learning experience with well- paced out and convenient schedules.

The Programme has also been designed and benchmarked against the QAA so as allow students to gain advance standing from UK Universities, such as University of Northampton.

The Programme is also suitable for those who hold a degree in different areas (for example, humanities, social sciences, etc.) and are interested in pursuing a career in the area of management and be competitive in the job market both nationally and internationally.

PDMS Duration:

Standard duration is 08 months. However, for students who have already got a Postgraduate Diploma and/or accredited experiential prior learning (AP/LE) and/or equivalent, the duration can be reduced through modular exemptions.

Module Details:

  • PGD8700 Managing Information and Knowledge Strategically (MIKS) (15 Credits)
  • PGD8701 Managing and Accounting for Finance Resources (MAFR) (15 Credits)
  • PGD8702 Management Science and Systems (MSS) (15 Credits)
  • PGD8703 Managing Operations Strategically (MOS) (15 Credits)
  • PGD8704 Understanding Strategy (US) (15 Credits)
  • PGD8705 Organising Work and Managing Human Resources (OWMHR) (15 Credits)
  • PGD8706 Managing Strategic Marketing (MSM) (15 Credits)
  • BUS8601 Business Research Methods BRM) (15 Credits)


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