Executive Diploma in Business & Management (EDBM)


EDBM – Executive Diploma in Business & Management Programme

The aim of this Programme is to develop students with a range of knowledge and skills that are directly relevant to the working environment and also to cater to the interests of students wishing to specialise in specific functional areas of business such as Management, Administration and Marketing. Students will be expected to have skills of analysis, synthesis, critical thinking, self-management and the personal and interpersonal communication, so that they can swiftly transfer their knowledge and understanding to disciplines such as Management, Administration, Accounting, and Marketing on their occupations.

As much as the High Scholl graduates, the working adults with work experience in particular can be heavily benefitted from this programme although the programme is designed to cater the needs of high school graduates and workings adults alike. The international elements of this Programme is also suitable for those who are interested in pursuing a career with international organisations and be competitive in the job market both nationally and internationally.

The programme complies with the subject benchmarking established by QAA and it also follows the required qualification and credit framework, so as allow students to gain advanced standing form UK Universities such University of Northampton, whenever and wherever possible.

EDBM Duration:

The duration for High School graduates, may be up to 15 months. For students who have already got an equivalent, recognised Diploma such as EDBM award from Stanford Education from other institutes, the duration may vary based on the number of exemptions they could get.

Module Details:

  • SBS489 Management of Small Business Enterprises  (20 Credits)
  • SBS462 Business Environment and Society (20 Credits)
  • SBS471 Contemporary Techniques of Human Resources Management (20 Credits)
  • SBS498 Introduction to Organizational Development (20 Credits)
  • SBS453 Principles of Accounting (20 Credits)
  • SBS444 Modern Management Information Systems (20 Credits)
  • SBS516 Contemporary Business Strategies and Business Policies (20 Credits)
  • SBS525 Business Organization and Management Theory (20 Credits)
  • SBS534 Quality Management (20 Credits)
  • SBS555 Project Management Planning & Control (20 Credits)
  • SBS570 Strategic Marketing Techniques for Modern Businesses (20 Credits)
  • SBS588 International Economics for Modern Businesses (20 Credits)


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